Asheville Speakeasy

Asheville Speakeasy: Step Into The Draftsman’s Hidden World

Tucked away in the basement of The Restoration Hotel, The Draftsman is Asheville’s secret jewel, offering an exclusive speakeasy experience that transports patrons to the hidden world of the 1920s. This unique venue combines the allure of secret bars with the vibrant culture and history of modern Asheville. Known only to those with a keen sense of adventure, The Draftsman’s secluded location adds to its mystique, making every visit a journey into a past era of exclusivity and intrigue.

Within its underground setting, The Draftsman excels in creating an atmosphere filled with the echoes of jazz and the artistry of mixology, where each cocktail narrates a tale as rich as the city itself. The bar’s design, featuring dimly lit vintage lamps and luxurious velvet seating, crafts an intimate space that balances the historic charm of the prohibition era with Asheville’s dynamic contemporary spirit.

The Draftsman is more than just an Asheville speakeasy; it’s an immersive experience that elevates the concept of hidden bars to new heights. Situated beneath the bustling streets of Asheville, in the heart of The Restoration Hotel, it invites those who enter to explore the depths of time while indulging in the sophistication and flavors of today. This basement haven is a testament to Asheville’s adventurous spirit and the timeless appeal of the speakeasy tradition, making it an essential destination for those seeking to uncover the city’s most guarded secrets.

Best Bar Food Asheville: Classic Flavors Meet Speakeasy Charm at The Draftsman

Within the enigmatic ambiance of The Draftsman, where history and modernity intertwine beneath the glow of dimly lit lamps, guests are invited to indulge in an experience that transcends the typical bar visit. This speakeasy doesn’t just excel in crafting unforgettable cocktails; it sets the standard for the best bar food in Asheville, offering a culinary journey that complements its exquisite drink selection.

At The Draftsman, each dish is carefully curated to elevate speakeasy dining to new heights. From gourmet nachos to wings drenched in innovative and classic flavors like dry rub Bloody Mary, sweet honey BBQ, and Caribbean jerk, the menu showcases a dedication to quality and creativity. Special occasions, including the Big Game this Sunday, see the bar offering special dishes at unbeatable prices, ensuring every bite is as memorable as it is flavorful.

Beyond just serving food, The Draftsman creates a culinary spectacle that mirrors its commitment to the art of mixology. The food menu is a testament to the establishment’s passion for innovation, making it a beacon for those seeking the best bar food in Asheville. Here, in the heart of this modern-day speakeasy, guests don’t just eat; they embark on a flavor journey that captivates and delights, solidifying The Draftsman’s reputation as a destination not only for exceptional drinks but for gourmet bar dining as well.  

Sports bar Asheville: The Ultimate Game Day Experience at The Draftsman

The Draftsman stands out in the Asheville bar scene as the quintessential destination for sports enthusiasts seeking a vibrant place to watch the game. With its unique blend of a cozy atmosphere, arcade games, and pool tables, The Draftsman offers more than just a sports bar experience—it’s an immersive entertainment hub. The venue’s array of high-definition TVs ensures that guests don’t miss a moment of the action, making it the ideal spot for catching live sports events, from the intensity of playoff Sunday to the excitement of regular season matchups.

Beyond the screens, The Draftsman’s speakeasy vibe is amplified by its selection of arcade games and pool tables, providing a perfect mix of viewing pleasure and interactive fun. This combination creates a dynamic environment where friends can gather to cheer on their favorite teams while enjoying a bit of friendly competition off-screen.

The Draftsman’s commitment to an exceptional game day experience is further highlighted by its culinary offerings. The bar sets the standard for sports bar Asheville with a menu that elevates classic bar food to gourmet levels. From half-priced nachos to wings dressed in an array of mouthwatering sauces, every dish is designed to complement the game-watching experience. Special themed cocktails add to the festive atmosphere, with creative concoctions inspired by the teams in play, enriching the overall enjoyment of the game.

In Asheville, where the love for sports runs deep, The Draftsman has carved out a niche as the go-to sports bar for both locals and visitors. Its warm, inviting atmosphere, combined with top-notch viewing capabilities, arcade entertainment, and exceptional food and drink, positions The Draftsman as the premier venue for enjoying sports in comfort and style. Whether it’s for the the Big Game or any significant sports event, The Draftsman delivers an unparalleled viewing experience that captures the essence of Asheville’s vibrant and communal spirit

Arcade Bar Asheville: Level Up Your Night at The Draftsman

The Draftsman, renowned for its speakeasy charm and sports viewing parties, also boasts an identity that taps into the nostalgia and excitement of an arcade bar. Nestled in the heart of Asheville, this venue merges the thrill of classic arcade gaming with the sophistication of a speakeasy, creating an unparalleled nightlife experience. It’s here, within the walls of The Draftsman, that guests can dive into an array of vintage arcade games, challenging friends to beat high scores while soaking in the ambient, historical charm that the space provides.

Beyond being a premier destination for sports fans, The Draftsman distinguishes itself as a leading arcade bar in Asheville, offering a playful escape for those looking to add an extra layer of fun to their evening out. The selection of games, from pinball to classic arcade staples, caters to gamers of all levels, ensuring there’s always something to engage with. Meanwhile, the presence of pool tables invites a more laid-back form of competition, perfect for those looking to unwind in a lively yet relaxed environment.

What sets The Draftsman apart in the arcade bar scene is its ability to seamlessly integrate this entertainment aspect with high-quality drink offerings and a cozy speakeasy atmosphere. Patrons can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails or choose from an extensive selection of beers and spirits, all while engaging in the joyous camaraderie that arcade games inspire. This unique combination of features makes The Draftsman a standout venue in Asheville, appealing to a diverse crowd seeking a multifaceted night out.

In Asheville, a city celebrated for its vibrant culture and eclectic entertainment options, The Draftsman shines as a beacon for those in pursuit of an original and immersive nightlife experience. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of watching the big game, the intrigue of a speakeasy, or the sheer fun of an arcade bar, The Draftsman delivers on all fronts, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination within Asheville’s lively bar scene.

The Essence of Asheville Speakeasy Charm at The Draftsman

The Draftsman stands as a quintessential Asheville speakeasy, intricately woven into the fabric of the city’s cultural and social tapestry. This venue transcends the traditional speakeasy model, serving not merely as Asheville’s premier cocktail destination but as a haven where history and modernity blend seamlessly. Guests come for various reasons – the electric atmosphere of sports celebrations, the intimacy of a date night, or the allure of sampling some of the best cocktails in Asheville.

As you meander through Asheville’s lively streets, let your curiosity lead you to The Draftsman. It’s a place where the past’s allure meets the present’s vibrancy, offering more than just a night out. Each visit promises an adventure, where every drink is a journey through flavors, and every moment spent is an opportunity to transcend the everyday. At The Draftsman, the essence of the Asheville speakeasy is alive, inviting you into a world brimming with romance, mystery, and the craft of exceptional drink-making.  

Join us at The Draftsman, where every night is a celebration of Asheville’s spirited legacy and the magic of the speakeasy lives on. 


68 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801