Asheville’s Premier Venue for Stylish Celebrations 

The Draftsman Bar Event Space

The Draftsman Bar + Lounge: Asheville’s Premier Venue for Stylish Celebrations 

Asheville, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and historical charm, presents The Draftsman Bar + Lounge at The Restoration Hotel, a venue that epitomizes the essence of stylish celebrations. This speakeasy-style bar, sprawling across 3,264 square feet of indoor space, has rapidly become a favored destination for hosting private events and cocktail receptions. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of The Draftsman and discover why it’s the ideal venue for an unforgettable gathering. 

The Draftsman: Where Elegance Meets Fun

The Draftsman Bar + Lounge is not just a venue; it’s a journey into a world where elegance intertwines with the playful spirit of arcade-style games. Ideal for accommodating up to 120 guests, this space offers a unique blend of sophisticated ambiance and entertaining diversions. 

A Space of Sophistication and Playfulness

– Vintage Elegance: The décor at The Draftsman exudes a timeless elegance, with its plush leather seating, dark wood finishes, and atmospheric lighting creating a luxurious speakeasy vibe. 

– Modern Amusements: Contrasting its vintage aesthetics, The Draftsman is equipped with an eclectic mix of arcade-style games. These lively additions transform any event into a memorable experience, offering guests both the charm of yesteryear and the excitement of contemporary entertainment. 

Ideal for Every Occasion

Whether hosting a corporate event, a milestone birthday, or an upscale cocktail party, The Draftsman provides a versatile setting that can be customized to suit the tone and style of your event. Its expansive space allows for both intimate gatherings and larger, more dynamic celebrations. 

Why The Draftsman Stands Out

– Spacious Yet Intimate: Spanning 3,264 sq ft, The Draftsman offers ample room for guests to mingle and enjoy. The space is thoughtfully designed to create intimate areas within its expansive layout, ensuring that each event feels both grand and personal. 

– Unique Entertainment Options: The blend of classic and modern games sets The Draftsman apart, providing a unique form of entertainment that’s sure to engage and delight guests of all ages. 

– Exquisite Service: As part of The Restoration Hotel, The Draftsman benefits from the exceptional service standards of the establishment, ensuring every event is executed flawlessly. 

Tailoring Your Perfect Event

The team at The Restoration Hotel is dedicated to creating bespoke experiences. From selecting the perfect layout to crafting custom menus, every aspect of your event at The Draftsman can be personalized to meet your vision. 

In the heart of Asheville, The Draftsman Bar + Lounge emerges as a beacon of refined entertainment. This venue is not just about hosting events; it’s about creating moments that linger in memories long after the last guest has departed. Whether you’re planning an elegant reception or a fun-filled celebration, The Draftsman at The Restoration Hotel offers the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. 

Experience The Draftsman

– Schedule a Virtual Tour: Get a glimpse of The Draftsman’s captivating ambiance and space through an online virtual tour. 

– Plan Your Event: Connect with The Restoration Hotel’s event planning team to start crafting your unique celebration at The Draftsman. 

– Book Your Date: Contact The Restoration Hotel to reserve The Draftsman for your next private event and make it an affair to remember. 


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