Billy Strings Asheville Afterparty

The Ultimate Billy Strings Asheville Afterparty at The Draftsman

2.17.24 | 9PM to 12PM

As the final notes of Billy Strings’ mesmerizing performance at the Harrah’s Cherokee Center linger in the air, the anticipation for the night ahead begins to build. The Draftsman, nestled in the heart of Asheville and beneath the elegant Restoration Hotel, comes alive for those not ready to end their night. It’s a place where the energy of a live concert is seamlessly transitioned into the pulsating vibe of a night out in town, offering a unique blend of entertainment that caters to the diverse tastes of Billy Strings’ fanbase and the local community. The promise of live music by the funk-infused rhythms of Supatight sets the stage for an electrifying continuation of the evening, ensuring that the spirit of the concert lives on. The lure of classic arcade games adds a playful twist to the night, inviting guests to engage in friendly competition and relive cherished memories, all while surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts.

The Draftsman’s carefully curated drink specials, available until the stroke of midnight, are designed to delight and surprise, featuring a range of cocktails that capture the essence of Asheville’s vibrant mixology scene. These specials not only offer a taste of local flavors but also ensure that the celebration can continue without pause. The bar’s atmosphere, characterized by its lively yet cozy ambiance, makes it an ideal gathering spot for those looking to discuss the night’s performance, make new friends, or simply bask in the afterglow of an unforgettable concert. The Draftsman’s commitment to creating a memorable afterparty experience is evident in every detail, from the selection of music to the quality of refreshments, making it the definitive destination for post-concert festivities in Asheville.

Best Bar Food Asheville

At The Draftsman, the culinary experience is a vital part of the afterparty equation, with a menu that effortlessly bridges the gap between sophistication and comfort. The kitchen takes pride in offering a selection that goes beyond the typical bar food, instead presenting dishes that are both inventive and satisfying. Imagine diving into a plate of artisanal charcuterie, where each slice of cured meat and wedge of cheese tells a story of craftsmanship and tradition, or savoring a gourmet burger that combines premium, locally-sourced beef with unexpected toppings that pop with flavor. For those seeking a lighter option, the salads are anything but ordinary, featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients and house-made dressings that elevate greens to a whole new level. Each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure that it not only satisfies hunger but also complements the lively atmosphere of the afterparty, making dining at The Draftsman an experience in itself.

The Draftsman’s commitment to culinary excellence is matched by its dedication to presentation and service, ensuring that every meal is not just consumed but enjoyed. The plating of each dish adds an element of artistry to the dining experience, with vibrant colors and textures that appeal to the eye as well as the palate. The staff, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, are on hand to recommend pairings from the bar’s extensive drink menu, ensuring that your food and beverage choices harmonize perfectly. This attention to detail in both the creation and service of the food sets The Draftsman apart as a destination for the best bar food in Asheville, where each bite and sip contributes to the overall joy and excitement of the Billy Strings Asheville afterparty. Here, the act of eating is transformed into an integral part of the evening’s entertainment, promising not just nourishment but a delightful adventure for the senses.

Arcade Bar Asheville

The Draftsman transforms the post-concert energy into an electrifying arcade experience, seamlessly blending the nostalgia of classic video games with the vibrant pulse of Asheville’s nightlife. This unique venue invites Billy Strings’ fans and Asheville locals to dive into a treasure trove of arcade classics, from the pixelated adventures of the 80s to the immersive experiences of more recent gaming phenomena. It’s a place where the joy of hitting the high score on Pac-Man or mastering the flipper on a vintage pinball machine adds an extra layer of excitement to an already unforgettable night. The arcade games, carefully curated to offer a wide range of challenges and pleasures, become the backdrop for new memories made among friends and fellow music enthusiasts. The laughter and friendly competition foster a sense of camaraderie and joy, making The Draftsman more than just a bar—it’s a communal hub for those who love to play, compete, and celebrate life’s great moments.

The Draftsman’s arcade bar in Asheville is thoughtfully designed to enhance the afterparty vibe, with ambient lighting and decor that pay homage to the golden age of arcade gaming while still feeling decidedly contemporary. The space is organized to encourage mingling and movement, allowing guests to flow from game to game, drink in hand, without ever missing a beat of the live music that fills the air. The combination of nostalgic gaming, expertly crafted cocktails, and the infectious rhythms of Supatight performing live creates a multisensory experience that captivates and entertains. It’s this unique blend of elements that positions The Draftsman as a standout destination in Asheville’s nightlife scene, offering a post-concert atmosphere that’s as dynamic and engaging as Billy Strings’ performance itself. Here, the night extends beyond the music, inviting guests to linger, play, and revel in the shared afterglow of an incredible concert experience.

Best Cocktails Asheville

No Billy Strings afterparty would be complete without a toast to the night, and The Draftsman is poised to serve some of the best cocktails in Asheville. The bar’s mixologists are experts at crafting concoctions that delight and surprise, from timeless classics to innovative creations exclusive to The Draftsman. With drink specials available until midnight, guests can explore a diverse menu of libations that are as memorable as the concert itself.

Unique Restaurants in Asheville NC

The Draftsman stands out among the unique restaurants in Asheville, NC, offering an experience that goes beyond dining. It’s a place where food, fun, and music converge to create an unforgettable night. As the afterparty venue for Billy Strings’ concert, The Draftsman underscores its reputation as a destination for those seeking something out of the ordinary. It’s not just about eating and drinking; it’s about immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Asheville and making memories that last.

Live Music Asheville

Complementing the evening’s theme, The Draftsman will feature live music from Supatight, ensuring the energy from the Billy Strings concert continues to resonate throughout the night. Asheville is known for its live music scene, and The Draftsman contributes to this legacy by hosting an array of talented performers that keep the city’s musical heartbeat pulsing. Guests can expect an electrifying performance that keeps the dance floor packed and the spirits high.

Pull Up to the Billy Strings Asheville Afterparty at The Draftsman

As the Billy Strings concert comes to a close, the party is just getting started at The Draftsman. With its unbeatable combination of great food, fun games, exquisite drinks, and live music, it’s the ultimate destination for fans looking to extend their night. Make sure to secure your spot for this epic afterparty by purchasing tickets on Eventbrite and experience firsthand why The Draftsman is the go-to spot for the best of Asheville’s nightlife.


68 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801