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The Best Bar Food in Asheville: The Draftsman

In the heart of Asheville’s bustling streets and lively cultural tapestry, The Draftsman offers a sanctuary for food lovers and night revelers alike, challenging the conventional expectations of bar food with its innovative culinary approach. The menu is a celebration of both the familiar and the novel, where classic dishes are reimagined with a twist that speaks to the adventurous spirit of Asheville’s food scene. This isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s about creating an experience that stays with you long after the last bite. The cozy atmosphere of The Draftsman, with its warm lighting and inviting decor, complements the culinary adventure, creating a space where both locals and visitors can unwind, connect, and indulge in the flavors of Asheville. The restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients and creative cooking techniques makes each dish a testament to the potential of bar food when executed with care and imagination.

Beyond the food, The Draftsman’s cocktail program is a beacon for those seeking the best of Asheville’s vibrant nightlife. The bar boasts an array of handcrafted cocktails that range from refreshing classics to bold, inventive concoctions, each designed to pair perfectly with the menu’s diverse offerings. The mixologists behind the bar are artisans in their own right, infusing each drink with a level of creativity and precision that elevates the dining experience. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a casual evening solo, the combination of The Draftsman’s relaxed atmosphere, exceptional food, and standout cocktails creates a dining destination that encapsulates the best of Asheville’s eclectic charm. It’s this unique blend of gourmet flavors, warm ambiance, and expertly crafted beverages that secures The Draftsman’s position as a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the pinnacle of bar food in Asheville.

Late Night Food Asheville

The Draftsman’s late-night food menu caters to a diverse palate, offering something for everyone—from the reveler seeking a post-party snack to the night-shift worker in search of a satisfying meal after hours. This haven for nocturnal dining breaks the mold of typical bar food, elevating late-night eats with dishes that are both inventive and comforting. The Korean Chili Chicken Wings, with their perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and umami flavors, and the Draftsman Burger, a masterpiece of juicy grilled short rib and chuck patty topped with caramelized onions and Ashe Co. Cheddar, showcase the kitchen’s ability to transform traditional bar food into gourmet experiences. These offerings, among others, are not just meals but a culinary adventure, making the wee hours in Asheville both more exciting and more flavorful. The ‘Load ‘em Up’ fries become a canvas of taste textures, combining the crispness of the fries with the smoothness of the beer cheese and the spicy kick of the bourbon-pickled jalapeños, creating a dish that’s as memorable as it is indulgent.

The Draftsman distinguishes itself as a beacon of late-night cuisine by ensuring that quality and creativity are never compromised, regardless of the hour. The care put into each dish, from the selection of ingredients to the presentation, reflects a dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience that defies the expectations of late-night bar food. The atmosphere of the bar, lively yet inviting, complements the dining experience, creating an ambiance where time seems to slow down, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the joy of eating. It’s this combination of exceptional food, a warm and welcoming environment, and the thrill of discovering new flavors that solidifies The Draftsman’s reputation as the ultimate destination for late-night food in Asheville. Whether you’re ending a night on the town or starting your evening late, The Draftsman promises a culinary journey that’s both satisfying and inspiring, making it a cherished spot among the night owls of Asheville.

Arcade Bar Asheville

The Draftsman elevates the concept of dining to an immersive entertainment experience, seamlessly integrating the vibrant culture of arcade gaming with the culinary delights of a top-tier eatery. This innovative approach to casual dining taps into the nostalgic heartstrings of its patrons, inviting them to relive the carefree days of youth while indulging in sophisticated, adult pleasures like gourmet bar food and crafted cocktails. The arcade bar atmosphere is electric, buzzing with the energy of competition and camaraderie, as guests challenge each other to games of skill amidst the clinking glasses and shared plates. This lively environment, where every corner offers a new discovery, from vintage pinball machines to classic video games, creates a dynamic setting that enhances the dining experience, making every visit to The Draftsman memorable and unique.

The Draftsman’s Asheville arcade bar feature acts as a catalyst for social interaction, breaking down the barriers between strangers and encouraging a communal dining experience that is rare in today’s digital world. In this space, food and games become mediums of connection, fostering new friendships and creating joyous memories. The thoughtfully curated selection of games ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking to top the high score or a casual player seeking a fun diversion. This blend of high-quality dining with interactive entertainment not only distinguishes The Draftsman within Asheville’s culinary scene but also redefines what it means to go out for a meal. It’s not merely about eating; it’s about engaging, sharing, and participating in a collective experience that celebrates the joy of good food, good drinks, and good company.

Best Cocktails Asheville

The cocktail menu at The Draftsman stands as a testament to the bar’s dedication to innovation and quality, mirroring the culinary creativity seen in its food offerings. Each cocktail, whether a reinterpretation of a classic or an entirely novel invention, is a masterpiece of mixology, designed to surprise and delight the palate. The use of local ingredients not only adds a layer of freshness and authenticity to each drink but also pays homage to Asheville’s rich agricultural heritage. Ingredients like locally distilled spirits, fresh herbs from nearby farms, and seasonal fruits are meticulously combined to create cocktails that are both complex and balanced. This focus on local sourcing and creative mixology ensures that each visit to The Draftsman offers a new experience, inviting patrons to explore the depth and breadth of Asheville’s cocktail culture in a single setting.

Furthermore, the mixologists at The Draftsman are true craftsmen, approaching each cocktail with a blend of scientific precision and artistic flair. This dedication to the craft of cocktail making is evident not only in the taste of the drinks but in their presentation as well. Cocktails are served in carefully chosen glassware, garnished with an eye for detail that elevates the drinking experience to an art form. The bar’s atmosphere, with its inviting warmth and subtle sophistication, provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying these libations, whether you’re winding down after a long day or gearing up for a night on the town. The expansive cocktail menu, featuring everything from the bold and daring to the subtle and refreshing, ensures that The Draftsman is more than just a bar—it’s a celebration of the art of drinking, making it the ultimate destination for the best cocktails in Asheville.

Unique Restaurants in Asheville NC

The Draftsman stands out not just for its food and drinks but for the entire dining experience it offers. This speakeasy restaurant embodies the spirit of Asheville’s dining scene: innovative, welcoming, and unpretentiously sophisticated. The menu’s thoughtful vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options ensure that everyone can indulge, regardless of dietary preferences. From the shareable Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip to the decadent Peanut Butter Mousse Pie, The Draftsman caters to a diverse clientele, solidifying its status among the most unique restaurants in Asheville, NC.

Enjoy the Best Bar Food Asheville at The Draftsman

The Draftsman is more than just a bar; it’s a culinary destination that celebrates the best of Asheville’s food and drink culture. With its combination of inventive dishes, playful atmosphere, and expertly crafted cocktails, it offers an unparalleled dining experience that’s both satisfying and memorable. Whether you’re looking for a late-night bite, a fun evening out, or simply some of the city’s best cocktails, The Draftsman delivers on all fronts, making it the go-to spot for the best bar food in Asheville.


68 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801