Best Bars in Asheville

Best Bars in Asheville

The Draftsman: The Best Bar in Asheville for Arcade Games, Bowling, Live Music, and Exceptional Drinks

Asheville is known for its eclectic and vibrant bar scene, and among the array of options, The Draftsman stands out as a must-visit destination. Combining the excitement of arcade games and bowling with the allure of live music and expertly crafted drinks, The Draftsman offers a uniquely entertaining experience. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, The Draftsman provides a dynamic atmosphere that captures the essence of the best bars in Asheville.

Bars in Asheville

The Draftsman truly epitomizes the concept of a nightlife multiplex, blending traditional bar elements with an entertainment-rich environment that caters to a diverse audience. Situated strategically in downtown Asheville, this venue draws in a crowd that ranges from young professionals looking to unwind after work to families seeking a fun weekend outing. The assortment of arcade games is a central feature, with options that span decades of gaming history. Guests can flip back in time with vintage pinball machines or engage with the latest advancements in interactive video games. This wide range ensures that there’s something to pique the interest of any gamer, regardless of age or skill level. The vibrant, energetic atmosphere created by the flashing lights and the sound of laughter and competition makes The Draftsman a lively and inviting bar in Asheville.

The Draftsman stands out among traditional bars in Asheville by incorporating bowling lanes. The inclusion of bowling allows groups, whether friends, family, or coworkers, to engage in a bit of friendly competition, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories. The setup is perfect for celebrating special occasions, hosting team-building events, or simply enjoying a laid-back evening. The combination of bowling with a diverse array of arcade games positions The Draftsman as one of the top bars in Asheville, where every visit promises new thrills and fun discoveries.

Bars in Downtown Asheville

The Draftsman’s prime location among bars in downtown Asheville makes it a pivotal part of the urban nightlife and cultural scene. Surrounded by the city’s main attractions, including theaters, art galleries, and boutique shops, it serves as a convenient meeting point for both locals and visitors. This accessibility is a huge plus for those looking to integrate a fun, engaging bar experience into their broader exploration of Asheville’s rich offerings. After a day spent wandering through art exhibitions or shopping in eclectic boutiques, The Draftsman offers a seamless transition into the evening with its dynamic environment and diverse entertainment options. Its central position not only makes it a practical choice for rounding off a day out but also a vibrant start point for those setting out to experience nightlife in Asheville from dusk till dawn.

Inside, The Draftsman boasts an interior that captures the essence of Asheville’s unique charm with its chic, industrial aesthetic. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and visible beams give it an edgy yet welcoming vibe, while eclectic decor pieces add a touch of the artistic flair for which Asheville is renowned. This stylish environment makes it more than just a bar for arcade games and bowling; it’s a speakeasy lounge where guests can relax in a thoughtfully designed space that encourages social interaction and engagement. Comfortable seating areas are strategically placed to foster conversations among friends and strangers alike, making it an ideal spot for networking or making new friends. The blend of a trendy atmosphere with fun and interactive games creates a multi-layered experience that enhances every visit, ensuring that The Draftsman is one of the best bars in downtown Asheville.

Sports Bars in Asheville

The Draftsman is one of the best sports bars in Asheville to watch your favorite teams in action. With numerous large-screen TVs strategically placed throughout the bar, every seat is the best seat in the house for catching football, basketball, soccer, and more. The televisions are tuned to a variety of sports channels, ensuring that most major games and events are available. This setup transforms The Draftsman into a sports bar in Asheville, especially during major tournaments or playoff seasons, where the excitement and energy are palpable. Patrons can enjoy the thrill of the game while sipping on expertly craft beers or cocktails, making for a perfect evening out. The atmosphere during game nights is electric, with fans cheering, high-fiving, and celebrating every play, which amplifies the overall experience of watching a game from the comfort of a bar stool, surrounded by fellow sports lovers.

The Draftsman’s blend of sports viewing with other entertainment options sets it apart from typical sports bars in Asheville. While the game might be the main draw for many visitors, the availability of arcade games, billiards and bowling adds an extra layer of fun, allowing guests to engage in friendly competition during halftime or wait times. This unique combination ensures that there’s never a dull moment, even during commercial breaks or in between games. The bar also often hosts special events and promotions tied to big sports events, like discounted drinks or themed nights, enhancing the communal viewing experience. These features make The Draftsman not only a great place to watch sports in Asheville but also a versatile entertainment venue that caters to all types of patrons, whether they are hardcore sports fans or casual viewers looking for a fun night out.

Coolest Bars in Asheville

The Draftsman has carved out a niche for itself in Asheville’s bustling nightlife scene by offering an entertainment-rich environment that caters to a wide array of interests and tastes. Its unique allure as one of the coolest bars in Asheville is not just in the variety of games like arcade classics and contemporary bowling but also in the vibrant live music that resonates through its walls. On any given night, the downtown Asheville bar transforms into a lively concert venue featuring an array of musical talents. From the smooth rhythms of the Asheville Jazz Collective to the energetic beats of local DJs like David Dj Zeus, the music at The Draftsman covers a broad spectrum of genres, appealing to music lovers of all types. This robust schedule of live performances makes the venue one of the coolest in Asheville, where locals and tourists alike can experience the rich musical heritage of the city in a dynamic and engaging setting.

The Draftsman’s drink offerings complement the high-energy and diverse entertainment options, crafting an all-encompassing nightlife experience. The bar prides itself on a curated selection of beverages that include finely brewed local craft beers, which showcase Asheville’s renowned brewing scene, and expertly mixed cocktails that might include anything from a classic Old Fashioned to innovative concoctions devised by skilled mixologists. These drinks are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as the entertainment, ensuring that every sip enhances the overall enjoyment of the night. Whether you’re there to strike down some pins, beat the high score at a retro arcade game, or simply soak in the sounds of a live band, The Draftsman ensures that your night out in Asheville is filled with good drinks, great music, and unforgettable moments. This blend of eclectic entertainment and superb drink options solidifies The Draftsman’s reputation as one of the coolest and most diverse bars in Asheville.

Asheville Bars with Live Music

Live music elevates the atmosphere at The Draftsman, turning an ordinary evening into a dynamic experience that taps into Asheville’s eclectic music culture. With a thoughtfully curated lineup that showcases a spectrum of musical styles, The Draftsman offers something to cater to every music preference. From the soulful, sophisticated melodies of the Asheville Jazz Collective that resonate well with jazz enthusiasts, to the electrifying performances by David Dj Zeus that are sure to energize the crowd, the variety ensures the music scene is as vibrant and varied as the patrons themselves. The incorporation of such diverse musical acts not only enriches the cultural tapestry of the venue but also strengthens its ties with the local music community, highlighting emerging and established talents alike.

As one of the only Asheville bars with live music and other entertainment options, The Draftsman has a uniquely immersive atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a round of bowling or compete in arcade games, all while being serenaded by quality live performances in the background. This fusion of activities enhances the overall enjoyment, making each visit memorable. The ambiance is further amplified on music nights, where the rhythmic beats and melodies fill the space, encouraging guests to relax and connect with the music. Coupled with the bar’s selection of expertly crafted cocktails and local brews, these music nights offer a multi sensory experience that captivates both regulars and newcomers. It’s this distinctive blend of high-quality entertainment, great music, and a lively atmosphere that makes The Draftsman a favorite among Asheville bars with live music.

Speakeasy Asheville

The Draftsman is a speakeasy in Asheville, located in the basement of The Restoration Hotel, providing an intimate setting where patrons can enjoy specialty cocktails in an exclusive environment. This hidden gem bar in Asheville is perfect for those seeking a unique place to enjoy nightlife. The speakeasy bar exudes a classic charm, featuring vintage decor and comfortable seating that allows for easy conversation and a relaxed drinking experience.

Visit The Draftsman: One of the Best Bars in Asheville

The Draftsman stands out as one of the best bars in Asheville, with their comprehensive entertainment space that caters to a wide array of interests and tastes. Whether you’re there for the arcade games, the live music, the sports, or just a great drink, The Draftsman ensures every visit is loaded with fun and excitement, making it a top choice for anyone looking to experience the best bars in Asheville.


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