The Best Bar in Asheville for Pre/Post Concert Drinks

Asheville Live Music Scene

The Best Bar in Asheville for Pre/Post Concert Drinks: The Draftsman

Asheville’s vibrant music scene is complemented by an equally dynamic bar culture, offering the perfect spots for pregame drinks and post-concert celebrations. Among these, The Draftsman stands out as the best bar in Asheville for pre and post-concert drinks, thanks to its fantastic drink menu, delicious food, and prime location near several popular concert venues. Whether you’re gearing up for a night of live music or winding down after an electrifying show, The Draftsman provides the ideal setting for your concert-going experience.

Pregame for Concerts in Asheville at a Downtown Speakeasy

Pregame for concerts in Asheville at a downtown speakeasy that captures the essence of the city’s eclectic vibe. The Draftsman offers a unique blend of classic and innovative cocktails, setting the perfect tone for an evening of music and fun. The bar’s menu is a testament to the creativity and expertise of its mixologists, featuring a range of drinks that cater to all tastes. One standout cocktail is the “That’s a Strike!” – a delightful mix of white rum, dry curacao, Giffard Peche, Batavia Arrack, strawberry syrup, pineapple, and lemon. This refreshing drink is perfect for starting your night on a high note, with its balanced blend of fruity and tart flavors. The cocktail list is diverse, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy, whether you prefer something sweet, strong, or subtly complex.

The cozy, speakeasy atmosphere of The Draftsman invites you to relax and enjoy these expertly crafted drinks in a setting that feels both intimate and sophisticated. The dim lighting, plush seating, and vintage decor create a warm and welcoming environment where you can unwind before heading to your concert. This ambiance makes The Draftsman an excellent spot to gather with friends and fellow concert-goers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement for the night ahead. The attentive and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend drinks and ensure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you’re sharing a round of drinks with a group or enjoying a quiet moment before the show, The Draftsman provides the perfect prelude to an unforgettable evening of music in Asheville.

Asheville Concert After Parties at The Draftsman

After the concert, continue the celebration with Asheville concert after parties at The Draftsman. This downtown Asheville bar is the ideal destination to unwind and share your favorite moments from the concert over a drink. As the excitement from the live performance lingers, The Draftsman offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere where you can extend the night’s enjoyment. The bar’s diverse menu caters to all tastes, ensuring that everyone in your group can find something to their liking. One of the standout options is the “7 – 10 Split,” a creative concoction featuring banana-infused Jameson, strawberry-pineapple syrup, condensed milk, Tempus Crème de Cocoa Vanilla, and cherry walnut bitters. This drink is a delightful blend of flavors that is both indulgent and refreshing, perfect for capping off an evening of great music.

The lively yet relaxed atmosphere at The Draftsman ensures that your post-concert experience is as memorable as the performance itself. The bar’s décor, with its vintage charm and modern touches, creates a cozy environment where you can kick back and reflect on the concert. The comfortable seating and ambient lighting make it easy to settle in and enjoy the company of friends. The Draftsman is more than just a place to grab a drink; it’s a social hub where concert-goers can come together and relive the highlights of the show. Whether you’re discussing the setlist, raving about the encore, or simply enjoying the night, The Draftsman provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable after-party. The friendly staff and excellent service add to the experience, making it a top choice for concert after-parties in Asheville.

Bars Near Orange Peel

If you’re attending a concert at The Orange Peel, one of Asheville’s most iconic music venues, The Draftsman is the perfect bar near Orange Peel to start or end your night. Located just a short walk from the venue, The Draftsman offers a convenient and welcoming environment that is ideal for both pre-show excitement and post-concert relaxation. The proximity to The Orange Peel means you can easily transition from the vibrant energy of a live performance to the cozy and sophisticated ambiance of The Draftsman without the hassle of long commutes. This seamless blend of music and mixology makes The Draftsman a favorite among concert-goers looking to enhance their night out in Asheville.

At The Draftsman, you’ll find an impressive selection of drinks that cater to all tastes, ensuring that your night is as enjoyable as possible. One standout option is the “Pirates Handshake” – a delightful blend of Bacardi Spiced Rum, pineapple-infused Fernet, coconut, demerara syrup, and lemon. This cocktail offers a refreshing and unique experience with its balanced mix of sweet and tangy flavors, making it a perfect choice for both winding down after a high-energy concert and gearing up for the show. The Draftsman’s skilled bartenders take pride in crafting each drink with precision and creativity, ensuring that every sip is a memorable one. The bar’s inviting atmosphere, combined with its proximity to The Orange Peel, makes it an ideal spot for concert-goers to gather, share their excitement, and enjoy expertly crafted cocktails.

Bars Near Harrah’s Cherokee Center

For those heading to an event at Harrah’s Cherokee Center, The Draftsman is a top choice bar near Harrah’s Cherokee Center. This major venue hosts a variety of events, from concerts and sporting events to conventions and performances, making it a central hub for entertainment in Asheville. The Draftsman’s close proximity to the center allows for an effortless transition from the excitement of your event to the relaxed, yet vibrant, atmosphere of the bar. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick drink before the show or looking for a place to unwind and discuss the event’s highlights afterward, The Draftsman is the best bar near Harrah’s Cherokee Center.

The Draftsman’s diverse drink menu is designed to cater to all tastes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. One standout option for those looking to continue their evening with a touch of indulgence is “The Big Lebowski.” This creative cocktail features cocoa puff-infused Absolut Vodka, Kahlua, and sweet espresso cream, delivering a rich and decadent flavor profile that is both comforting and sophisticated. The Draftsman’s inviting atmosphere, with its stylish décor and comfortable seating, makes it an excellent complement to your concert-going experience. The bar provides a welcoming environment where you can relax, reflect on the event, and enjoy expertly crafted drinks. Whether you’re with a group of friends or enjoying a solo night out, The Draftsman enhances your evening at Harrah’s Cherokee Center, making it an essential part of your Asheville entertainment itinerary.

Bars Near Grey Eagle

Grey Eagle‘s intimate and laid-back music scene is perfectly matched by The Draftsman’s inviting and cozy ambiance. This iconic music venue in Asheville is known for its eclectic lineup and relaxed atmosphere, attracting music lovers who appreciate the close connection between performers and audience. As a bar near Grey Eagle, The Draftsman complements this experience by offering a welcoming space where concert-goers can gather before or after a show. The bar’s warm décor, featuring plush seating and a stylish yet comfortable setting, makes it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the company of friends. The Draftsman’s proximity to Grey Eagle ensures that you can easily pop in for a drink without straying far from the music scene that brought you to Asheville in the first place.

The Draftsman offers an inventive cocktail menu that caters to all tastes, making it a standout choice for those looking to enhance their concert experience. One of the unique offerings is the “Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm,” a playful mix that includes Fruity Pebbles, Absolut, Italicus, Sloe Gin, port wine, citrus, and dairy. This whimsical cocktail not only delights the palate with its balanced flavors but also adds a fun and nostalgic twist to your evening. Whether you’re seeking a pre-concert buzz to get you in the mood for the show or a post-show unwind to reflect on the performance, The Draftsman delivers. The bar’s expert mixologists take pride in crafting each drink with precision and creativity, ensuring that every sip is an experience in itself. The inviting atmosphere and inventive cocktails make The Draftsman the perfect complement to a night at Grey Eagle, providing a seamless blend of music, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Bar Nears Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit’s open-air concerts are a must-experience in Asheville, offering a lively atmosphere and an eclectic lineup of performances that attract both locals and visitors. Situated just a short distance from this vibrant venue, The Draftsman is the ideal bar near Rabbit Rabbit to complete your night out. Before the concert, you can start your evening with one of The Draftsman’s expertly crafted cocktails, setting the perfect tone for the live music ahead. The bar’s welcoming vibe, with its cozy seating and stylish décor, makes it an excellent pre-concert gathering spot. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed ambiance while sipping on a refreshing drink and building anticipation for the performance.

After the concert, The Draftsman continues to serve as a perfect destination to unwind and reflect on the night’s entertainment. One standout drink to savor is the “In Corny Fashion,” a creative twist on the classic Old Fashioned. This inventive cocktail features bacon fat-washed George Dickel Bourbon, salted caramel corn syrup, and cherry vanilla bitters, offering a unique blend of rich, savory, and sweet flavors. The expertly balanced drink encapsulates the innovative spirit of The Draftsman’s menu, making it a delightful choice for those looking to end their evening on a high note. The bar’s warm and inviting atmosphere provides a comfortable setting where you can discuss the highlights of the concert with friends or simply relax and enjoy the night. With its unique drinks and welcoming vibe, The Draftsman is the perfect complement to the energetic and dynamic experience of Rabbit Rabbit’s open-air concerts, ensuring your night out in Asheville is both memorable and enjoyable.

Asheville Bars with Live Music

The Draftsman is not just a spot to grab a drink—it’s a cornerstone among Asheville bars with live music, bringing some of the city’s best local bands and artists directly to you. Located within The Restoration Hotel, this vibrant venue offers more than just pre or post-concert drinks; it hosts its own array of live music events every weekend. Whether you’re looking to kick off your evening with an energizing live show or wind down with some tunes after a night out, The Draftsman provides a perfect mix of top-notch drinks, great food, and stellar local music, making it a must-visit bar in Asheville’s live music scene.

The Best Bar Near Asheville Music Venues: The Draftsman

For the best bar in Asheville for pre and post-concert drinks, look no further than The Draftsman. Its exceptional drink menu, delicious food, and proximity to key concert venues like The Orange Peel, Harrah’s Cherokee Center, Grey Eagle, and Rabbit Rabbit make it the ultimate spot for music lovers. Whether you’re starting your night with a creative cocktail or capping off an unforgettable concert experience, The Draftsman offers the perfect blend of ambiance, convenience, and quality. Make your next Asheville concert outing complete with a visit to The Draftsman.


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